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Where to Buy Pepper Spray in New York

The basics

  • Pepper spray is a chemical, often used for self defense because it irritates the eyes to cause temporary blindness.
  • It’s legal to carry in New York, but can only be sold through authorized sellers to buyers over 18 with no felony convictions.
  • To purchase pepper spray, you will need to sign a form that is provided to the authorities.

Difficulty: Moderately easy

Information sources: Manufacturer and retailer websites

Note: Due to the pandemic, many retailers have service restrictions. We recommend calling ahead.

List of retailers that carry pepper spray in NYC


  • Arrow Army Navy, 2440 Jerome Ave., 718-773-4967
  • Brother’s Police Store, 3013 Webster Ave, 718-933-0270
  • F&J Police Equipment, 378 E 161st St., 718-665-4535
  • Frank’s Sports Shop, 430 E. Tremont Ave., (718) 229-9628
  • Paul’s Police Equipment, 2630 E. Tremont Ave., 718-597-0480


  • AD Meyers Uniform, 63 Flatbush Ave., 718-855-4018
  • D.F. Brothers Sports Center, 7919 New Utrecht Ave, 718-259-5206
  • Ever Ready First Aid, 10101 Foster Ave, 800-347-3494


  • Jo-Paul’s Enterprise, 105-02 Jamaica Ave., Richmond Hill, 718-849-3861
  • K Uniforms, 113-19 Jamaica Ave., Richmond Hill, 800-849-4943
  • Russo’s Pharmacy, 1909 Cornaga Ave., Far Rockaway, 718-327-7027


  • Tent & Trails, 21 Park Place, 212-227-1760
  • Esco Drug Company, Inc., 687 9th Ave, (212) 246 8169 or (212) 246-0549

Know of other places to buy pepper spray in New York? Send at tip to editor [at] howto [dot] nyc!

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